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Telesales: Why it’s the Career Path for You


Call Centres have become a happy phenomenon in the field of sales these days. Working for a call centre can transform you from a sales novice, into a sales wizard. The opportunity for continuous personal growth and incredible experience is big as well, with call centres and sales opportunities popping up continually.

From its raw beginnings, telesales has become a highly respected and widespread field. The difference now is the much higher levels of training and professionalism involved. Where once a “killer instinct” and the “gift of the gab” were the necessary skills, now the emerging sales stars require a great deal of empathy and compassion to boot. Managers have also recognised this, and giving support and encouragement to telesales agents is a big part of pulling off a perfect operation. Sales culture has changed dramatically in recent years, with leaders in the industry realising that to be at the top of your game in telephonic sales, you need to be well-trained and highly appreciated.

DSC_4840.jpgThe Evolution of the Call Centre

This changing culture has extended industry-wide, especially when it comes to the customer. Once, telesales had a maverick reputation as an industry that took no prisoners. Now we know that a sales career is a big winner, for the agent, for the economy and most of all for the customer.

What is one of the biggest draws for a potential agent? Well, industry-wide the culture of telesales has seen a revolution of sorts, with companies realizing that valuing hard work and dedication is just as important as satisfying the customers they’re trying to reach.

This fundamental change, with a focus on the telesales agent as well as the customer, is what has changed the industry for the better, with the agents sharing the rewards of the companies they deliver for.

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About The Author:

Niall O'Sullivan is a Journalist and Contributing Content Writer for Zevas Communications. Connect with Niall on LinkedIn.


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